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Bevrijdingspop 5th May - Haarlem


Bevrijdingspop Haarlem May 5 is Liberation Day in Holland this is the day that ended the second world war after the regime of Germany.

No better way to celebrate freedom than at Bevrijdingspop in Haarlem. There are many festivals throughout the country, but Bevrijdingspop is definitely the most spectacular.

The program contains a mixture of classical music, debates, poetry, rap and pop music from (inter) national bands and a ceremony with the liberation fire. Peace and freedom play a central role.

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Posted on 2 May 2019 by Relocate-Me

Coming home - Ajax vs Spurs


So tonight England's very own Tottenham Hotspur is playing our beloved Ajax team.  I cannot imagine that any of you football loving people will be surfing the net searching for a new home at 9pm tonight but if you leave us a search order before the game we can do the work for you whilst you sit back and relax.

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Posted on 30 April 2019 by Relocate-Me