What is included in the Relocate-Me agency fee?

At Relocate-Me we mediate exclusively for clients who order our home finding services. We search, evaluate and view housing options. We find housing options both online and offline. If possible we visit properties before viewings to check on the quality. After rating these options are published in a closed section on the website and information is shared on a personal level.

We arrange viewings, transfers, and help our clients to present themselves as the perfect tenant. We aid at negotiations. We advise you on rental rates, contract clauses and legal issues. If a landlord wants to bill you for a rental contract we can provide one free of charge. We'll assist at delivery and produce a thorough inventory report to prevent discussions at the end.

We will charge you an agency fee once we find you a home and come to an agreement. Before we invite you for viewings we made that clear in every confirmation email you receive and before you issue a search order we ask you to agree to our general conditions, which are also published on this website .

Properties shown on our website are always offered by private landlords. Never by Relocate-Me. Relocate Me BV solely acts on behalf of our client, the tenant. We help you to get exactly that house you like, quickly and easily. Not all houses that we mediate appear on our website, sometimes there is no time, it's a busy market. If you don’t want to pay an agency fee, please browse the market and contact landlords yourself.